Anti-Worlds | Patrick and Infinite Football Blu-ray Unboxings

In Features by Samuel Love

ANTI-WORLDS’ two latest releases – quirky and poignant nudist comedy Patrick and moving sport documentary Infinite Football – are available now on Limited Edition Blu-ray. We took a closer look at these must-have releases…



They talk about the beautiful game, but for Laurențiu Ginghină, it’s not enough. Football must be modified, streamlined, freed from restraints; corners are to be rounded off, players assigned to zones and subteams, norms revised. All roads lead to football, but all roads lead away from it too, to land ownership issues, to orange farms in Florida, to political utopia and the traces left by life, to version 2.0, 3.1, 4.7, to infinity.


– The Second Game (2014 feature film)

– Interview with Director Corneliu Porumboiu

– Q&A Session with Director Corneliu Porumboiu

– Theatrical Trailer

– Booklet



Patrick is a 38 year old handyman at his parents’ naturist campground. When his prize hammer is stolen, Patrick’s quest to solve the mystery of its’ theft leads to a much deeper mystery – who is he himself? A hilarious yet poignant tale of the human condition – and hammers.


– Commentary with Director Tim Mielants and co-writer Benjamin Sprengers

– Making Of Featurette

– Interview with Director Tim Mielants

– Interview with Producer Bart Van Langendonck

– A Tale of Three Trailers

– Full-length Funeral Music Track

INFINITE FOOTBALL and PATRICK are available now on Blu-ray from Anti-Worlds Releasing Ltd

UK distributor ANTI-WORLDS is a collaboration between Rook Films co-owner and producer Andy Starke and publicist Zoe Flower. With ten spectacular releases on their label to date with more planned for 2022 and beyond, keep an eye on their website for unique, provocative and challenging cinema on disc and screen.