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Astro Boy DVD/Bluray

Given its long history, it is perhaps surprising that there has never been a more mainstream outing for Astro Boy. Even if you are not familiar with the story or character, the imagery is instantly recognisable in popular cultu...

A Team, DVD & Blu-rayReview

Over the top, big-bangs, cheeky chaps and non-stop fun, The A-Team make the plan come together in just the right measure. Since the mid 1990s The A-Team had languished in development hell. Endless promises and false starts lead...


Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Sec Cinema, The

French cinema is a bit of an anomaly. It has a reputation for being progressive and daring, a hangover from the days of nouvelle vague. It also has a reputation of making incomprehensible films that contain sex, or dour movies ...

Somewhere Review

Sofia Coppola returns to hotels and movie stars in a story about isolation and identity.


Of Gods And Men DVD/BR

A delicate and poignant film that transcends its simple origins to become something altogether mesmerizing.

Prowl DVD

The recent glut of vampire movies has resulted in an over-saturation for the genre – if it’s not a melodramatic tale of eternal love, it’s a gory horror about hungry killers, but only the rarest of exceptions ...


Man Who Fell To Earth, The

The unique styling’s of Nic Roeg in this sci-fi character drama. Danny Boyle, in the build up to 127 Hours, commented that he finds the films of David Lean too polished but that Nic Roeg was one of his cinematic heroes. T...

Cold Fish Cinema

Tropical fish, family feuds and mass murder are all in a days work in this dark thriller.


Bedways DVD

Experimental sex in this experimental film. Bedways is the kind of low-budget, Indy spirited, experimental film that someone like Steven Soderbergh does in-between other projects to pass the time (see The Girlfriend Experience ...

London Boulevard

Romance and violence blossom in this gangster come love story. When William Monahan won his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Departed he firmly cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most in demand screenwriters. Oft...