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De Niro And Norton go head to head in a psychological thriller.


Possibly the most outrageous concept and execution of a film in living memory. The opening to Rubber is a theory in ‘No Reason’. What it boils down to is in cinema things happen and ‘are’ for no reason.


Age Of The Dragons

Age Of The Dragons had the potential to be gloriously trashy. A reimagining of Moby Dick but with dragons instead of the titular white whale, and starring Danny Glover, this has got “Cult Classic” written all over it. Unfortuna...


Revisionist history in the movies is nothing new. Only last year we had Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood implying that the titular character’s dad wrote the Magna Carta. That document is the focal point of Ironclad which p...


Oscar Winners 2011

So as the talented and the beautiful of Hollywood strutted their stuff on the Red Carpet last night there was the more serious affair of the winners and the losers. The King’s Speech walked away as the nights big winner w...

Phenomena DVD? BR

Garish and gruesome horror thriller from the master of crazy Dario Argento. Dario Argento is a force like no other in cinematic terms. The rules that apply to most filmmakers are not only broken, but bent and chewed out with su...


And Soon The Darkness DVD/BR

Nubile girls and sinister locals are not enough to break this thriller from its formulaic origins. Amber Heard’s star has failed to truly rise since her breakout role in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), so it makes se...

Primal DVD/ BR

An Aussie cannibal horror that manages to tick every cliché in the book. Sometimes Australia has the habit of throwing up genuinely brilliant films, particularly in the horror genre. 2005’s Wolf Creek is a fine exa...


Leaves Of Grass

Edward Norton does a double act that makes for entertaining viewing in an otherwise muddled film. Edward Norton flits in and out of cinema like a hard to catch butterfly. One minute he’s dazzling us in films like Fight Cl...


OAPs With Guns