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Serbian Film, A

A film that pushes all the boundaries of what is socially acceptable without ever finding a reason to resonate. For all the wrong reasons A Serbian Film has garnered a lot of press inches. It is a film that makes no qualms abou...

Concert, The DVD/ BR

A quaint dramady that manages to lift the heart and warm the soul but never quite manages to fine-tune the two together. The balancing act of two such different tones as comedy and drama is one that cinema has always made a ste...


Darren Aronofsky Films

Dark Obsessions: The Work Of Darren Aronofsky

American Werewolf In London

A Look At Cinema’s Best Scenes, starting with American Werewolf In London…


Easy A DVD

It’s a brave move for a teen rom-com to reference founding father John Hughes; braver still to actually segment clips from those films within the plot. Thankfully Will Gluck’s follow up to last year’s average ...

Kids Are All Right, The

Modern dysfunctional families can take note in this Oscar friendly drama. Finding two of Hollywood’s, indeed cinema’s, most brilliant female actresses and casting them as a lesbian couple was always going to have de...


The Reef

Take the plunge into a truly terrifying shark thriller, which sinks its teeth and never lets go.

Shooting Robert King

A rich portrait of a war photographer who steals your heart as he grows before your eyes.


Rin – Daughters Of Mnemosyne

Violent, gory and sexy, often all at the same time, anime proves that too much is never enough.

Dougal And The Blue Cat DVD/ BR

The trippy styling’s of The Magic Roundabout get a feature film that manages to be both delightfully funny and creepy at the same time.