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Creed II

Creed II is the 8th film in the Rocky franchise. That’s pretty impressive for a franchise that essentially follows the same structure in almost every one of its installments. Underdog boxer puts everything on the line to take o...
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It’s taken its sweet time about it but Hollywood is finally coming around to the fact that films with a predominantly female cast can still do Wonders at the box office. But too often the strategy seems to be, ‘take what worked...

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A Start Is Born

“It’s the same story told over and over, forever.” That this is the fourth incarnation of A Star Is Born is clearly not lost on writer, director and star Bradley Cooper. This line, spoken towards the end of the film, echo...
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A Simple Favour

They don’t make the kind of ‘90s airport read type thrillers anymore. When they do they tend to be longform TV shows. The kind of shows that allow for a cliffhanger ending of each episode while twisting and turning forcing you ...

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Blindspotting is that optical illusion of looking at an image long enough to find it morphs into something else. You know the ones, is it two faces or a vase, is it a duck or a rabbit? Like those illusions the film incarnation ...
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Go and watch the trailer for Upgrade and then try to act that you are not stupidly excited to see the end product. From its stunning action sequences to its tongue-in-cheek humour Upgrade should be a B-Movie that breaks free of...

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How often do you see a trailer for a film which is essentially a ‘found-footage’ that looks amazing but the end product never lives up to the concept’s promise? Watching the trailer for Searching you would be forgiven for think...

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Mission Impossible: Fallout

There was a time when it came to certain franchises you knew what you were getting. Take James Bond for example, you went for the gadgets, the quips, the exotic locations and Bond being, well, Bond. But, in order to stay fresh,...
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Leave No Trace

It’s been 8 years since Leave No Trace director Debra Granik’s last film Winter’s Bone. And while that film has become famous for putting a certain Jennifer Lawrence on the map it does Winter’s Bone a mis-service to say that wa...