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Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

– By Laura Walkinshaw   It is hard not to cry – or at least well up – during Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, an extremely touching and incredibly inspirational tale of life after 9/11.   Pulling at the he...



Revolver Entertainment has blazed a trail in recent years releasing smartly marketed, classy independent British films such as Kidulthood, Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop and Shank. Unfortunately, Lee Sales’ Turno...

New Year's Eve

By Helen Coffey – Lets get something straight. I am not a film snob, nor am I averse to sitting down in front of a movie that has no artistic merit whatsoever and having a jolly good time.


Dead, The

“Zombies, man. They creep me out.” So says Dennis Hopper’s ruthless despot in George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead. He’s not wrong. We love to be scared by the walking dead. There’s just something intrinsically scary about a min...

The Panic In Needle Park

The Panic In Needle Park is a clear message that if you’re going to be a successful drug baron, it’s best not to have a junkie girlfriend who will screw you over for her next fix. Oh, and that ‘heroin’ is bad.


Kind Hearts & Coronets

Undoubtedly the finest comedy to come out of Ealing Studios. Louis Mazzini (Price) is the rightful heir to a dukedom but his aristocratic family, D’Ascoynes, have cut him out because his mother dared to elope with an Ital...

Tower Heist

Tower Heist is timely. With the disparity of wealth giving rise to the Occupy Wall Street movement, which itself has spread around the world, a comedy about the little man getting even with the big, bad guy that stole all their...


Frozen Cinema

As far as premises for horror-thrillers go, Frozen’s is a bizarre one. ‘Adrift on a ski lift’, if you will, it is a survival tale in the most literal sense – three teenagers get stranded on a ski lift an...

Social Network, The Cinema

The poignant final shot of The Social Network features Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) repeatedly refreshing a friend request sent to his ex-girlfriend in the vain hope that she’d accept it and therefore forgive him for his e...