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Audiences who keep up with film festivals, or read unbearably pretentious magazines that are solely sold in Shoreditch and Soho, will more than likely be acquainted with Xavier Dolan

Cedar Rapids

By Jamie Steiner Since 2004 hundreds of Hollywood executives have voted for what they consider the best unproduced screenplays, the scripts that receive the most nominations then going on to form an annual Blacklist. Increasing...



With the massive success of the Ice Age series able to rival even the likes of Pixar and Disney at the box office, it’s a bit of a gamble

Mars Need Moms

The last film from Robert Zemeckis’s Image Movers Digital (the studio that gave us Beowulf, A Christmas Carol and the very creepy The Polar Express), Mars Needs Moms is a lacklustre family sci-fi which unfortunately ensur...


Oranges & Sunshine

Jim Loach’s first film Oranges And Sunshine is a sobering film about the forced deportation of English children to Australia which occurred during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Disturbingly, many parents were told that their ch...

Dobermann DVD

Look beyond the timing though and there’s plenty to savour in this late nineties French actioner.



It’s probably easiest to file this particular Sam Worthington oddity under Neighbours Nights if such a show were ever to be made, following the uneven path of Baywatch into late-night drama. Mixing humour, gangster thrill...


The Roommate

By Jamie Steiner. The proverbial ‘single white female’ surely counts as one of modern cinema’s most exhausted clichés

Get Low

A well-acted, thoughtful drama about an old geezer who decides to throw a funeral whilst he is still alive and lay his ghosts to rest. Based on a real story that became a massive media event, in 1930s rural Tennessee, Felix Bus...