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If the psychological thriller genre lends itself to clichés – and some would certainly argue it does – Confine seems determined to pack as many of these in to its opening minute as possible. The first shot shows main character ...

Writer-Director Mark O’Connor

The community of travellers has been thrown into the limelight recently thanks to the immergence of shows such as Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and films such as Knuckle. With his film focusing on the travelling community, writer-direc...


King of the Travellers

It’s not every day that you have the chance to watch a modern-day hybrid of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, played out amongst a community of travellers in Ireland.

Zaytoun DVD

With its close focus on the relationship between the two main characters and its themes of companionship and unlikely bonds, Zaytoun is not such a different film from the likes of True Grit and Midnight Run.


Deadly Blessing

Deadly Blessing is everything you might expect from a 1980s Wes Craven horror film.

The Woodsman & The Rain

The Woodsman & the Rain is as subtle as it is impressive; the film blends clever humour, bitter-sweet moments and a well-developed set of characters to create a gentle story that is both amusing and engaging throughout.



In City of God, director Fernando Meirelles portrayed an entangled web of flawed and damaged characters in a brilliantly executed fashion

The Penguin King 3D

If Frozen Planet taught us anything (and it almost certainly did), perhaps one of the most obvious lessons was that there are few things more soothing than the combination of penguins and David Attenborough’s epic narration.


Elfie Hopkins

Elfie Hopkins attempts to combine elements of horror and comedy with a quirky indie vibe

La Cérémonie

The opening scenes of La Cérémonie give very little away.