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Wanderlust DVD

Wanderlust lays all its cards on the table in the very first scene.

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close DVD

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close falls into a familiar and frustrating Hollywood trap: the film takes an interesting story, complete with a sympathetic and complex set of characters, and then covers them with a barely con...


Act Of Grace

Fans of comedy drama Shameless might recognise traces of the show in the opening sequence of Noreen Kershaw’s Act of Grace.

The Adopted

– By Sam Haysom – The Adopted is a film that defies expectations.



The opening sequence of Wreckers offers an idyllic snapshot of a young family, soaked in bright sunlight as they cradle their small baby and exchange whispered words.


Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is a woman on a mission. From the opening shots of Gone, where we see her marching stony-faced through a forest before grimly marking off a section on a large map, she is every bit the troubled protagonis...