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A Man Vanishes

“A Man Vanishes”, Shôhei Imamura’s experimental 1967 film is almost impossible to categorize. It seems like it’s a documentary, a piece of investigative journalism into the disappearance of a man. But as it progresses, the line...

The Conspirator

A period courtroom drama that finds the right level of character drama to keep the jury out till the bitter end.


The Black Power Mixtape

In the late 1960s, Swedish television acquired an interest in the American Civil Rights movement. Over the course of nine years, various journalists and filmmakers travelled from Sweden to America in order to conduct interviews...

The Raven

Not quite Edgar Allan, certainly Poe-faced.


Everything Must Go

As far as Will Ferrell comedies go, Everything Must Go is probably the most un-Ferrell like comedy to date. And as far as compliments go, that is pretty much it.

Quatermass And The Pit

In 1953, British broadcasting was still very much in its infancy. Although the BBC made their first TV broadcasts in 1936, the service was suspended during the war and only resumed ten years later.


The Messenger

An Indie spirited look at the aftermath of war, which excels thanks to three powerful performances.


In the aftermath of a playground fight, the parents of the two boys involved, meet to resolve the incident.


The Wild Hunt

In the depths of a forest, illuminated by fiery torchlight, there’s a medieval set-to. A princess is captured by men in goatskins. In a hut, knights in armour argue with Vikings about when and how to win her back.

Stake Land

An immersive Western thriller masked in the disguise of a Vampire movie that transcends its B-Movie origins in every way. A glance at most multiplex cinema listings these days will guarantee at least one superhero movie or fail...