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In a string of films in the ‘70s, Irwin Allen, the legendary ‘Master of Disaster,’ filled the screen with the biggest stars he could get and killed them one by one in horrible ways. Killer bees in The Swarm, burning skyscrapers...


One of the year’s funniest and a huge leap forward in digi-mation. Given Industrial Light And Magic’s pedigree in pioneering visual effects


Eagle, The

Sword and Sandal adventures ensure in this Roman Butch & Sundance. There was almost

The Adventures Of Tintin DVD

The teaming of two of the most profitable filmmakers in the world to date was never going to be a shy affair. And yet with the current string of failed remakes and slammed sequels, this still had to be a project to make people ...


Bal (Honey)

Turkish cinema is on the rise. Turkish directors such as Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Abdullah Oguz are already commanding international attention

Tamara Drewe DVD

A thoroughly British romp in the country. Given The King’s Speech success at the Oscars this year it would seem a very good time to be British. Clearly the self-deprecating humour and endless need for double entendre and ...


The Town DVD

Ben Affleck well and truly proves that he is a director to take notice of in his sophomore effort of thrilling bank robbers and the bonds that bind them. When Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck’s first feature film behind the ca...

Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The DVD

Fangs and fur take precedence over pouting and lip biting in the third and darkest instalment of the Twilight Saga. Love it or hate it The Twilight Saga is as much a part of the cinematic landscape as super heroes and boy wizar...


Let Me In DVD

More about vampires than childhood in the Hollywood remake of Let The Right One In. It is an inescapable fact that if you remake a film so soon after the original has been lauded and revered, you are going to be compared by tho...

Lebanon DVD

A brilliantly original and terrifying look at war seen from the confines of a tank as it embarks on the 1982 conflict in Lebanon. Lebanon is a war film like no other. It forgoes the high octane of a Saving Private Ryan (1998), ...