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Illusionist, The (French) DVD

A charming animation that wears its heart firmly on its sleeve. Animation has moved on since the days of Disney churning out its glorious hand drawn delights. Few people still work in the medium of traditionalanimation, preferr...

I Know You Know DVD

Low budget British films often struggle to find an audience amongst the slew of Hollywood blockbusters that litter the cinemas and DVD shelves. I Know You Know is a good example of a film that fits into this category. It has en...


I Am Love DVD/ Blu-ray

A sweeping romance poetically directed and brilliantly acted. The romantic drama genre is one that is often overlooked in favour of rom-coms with predictable plots and stereotypical characters. I Am Love is a hark back to sweep...


When Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster got together in Maverick (1994) they were both big stars and respected actors. They had also both just completed their directorial debuts


Four Lions DVD

A bitingly satirical look at the mind set of suicide bombers, which manage to reach levels of genuine emotional pull. Chris Morris, writer director of Four Lions, is not a new comer to the realms of controversy. After all this ...

Rock Hudson Home Movies

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True Grit

The Coen Brothers bring their unique sensibilities to the most iconic of genres.

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

A dramedy set in a psychiatric ward that works on a warm and cuddly level. Like its title and protagonist It’s Kind Of A Funny Story is something of a muddle. One minute it has some genuinely laugh out loud gags, the next...


Fading Of The Cries

Budget beating effects with predictable plot.
1-1000 DVD

22 Bullets

If you can get past the improbable concept that a man can survive a hail of 22 .45 calibre bullets, drag his holely self out of intensive care, set about on a mission to kick the butts of his persecutors, 22 Bullets is an enter...