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Mono-syllabic muscleman Jason ‘The Stats’ Statham takes centre stage in this gritty British crime thriller as a dour, punch first-questions later copper Detective Sergeant Tom Brant on the trail of a Police killin’ psychopath i...

Last Night

It’s been a quiet year on the big screen for our Keira. Shying away from her role as Elizabeth Swan in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean motion was perhaps the wisest move of her career, opting instead for the stage in Childr...


Cold Weather DVD

An original little caper yarn that refuses to conform to expectations

Black Swan

Aronofsky’s frantic visuals combined with Portman’s hypnotic performance form an incredibly haunting opus.


Horrible Bosses

People will tell you that you should always write what you know. Admittedly they’re normally the kind of people who couldn’t write the f-word on a dusty Venetian blind. Ask yourself; do you really want to watch a film about wha...

The Great White Silence

By Jamie Steiner Nothing can quite prepare you for the magical, strange and disorientating otherworldliness of The Great White Silence, a legendary documentary charting the initial stages of Captain Scott’s doomed attempt...

1-1000 DVD

5150 Elm's Way

Nothing to do with Freddy Kruger, but an intelligent and original horror thriller to rival even old knife hands.


Pegg, Frost and a CGI alien combine to sci-funny effect in one of 2011 most entertaining films. There is a moment in Spaced where Simon Pegg struggles to come to terms with the monstrosity that is Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars; ...


Love And Other Drugs DVD

A funny and refreshing rom-com that doesn’t so much re-invent the genre as give it a healthy enema.

Benda Bilili

A simple story brilliantly told about rags to riches as a documentary crew follow some aspiring Columbian musicians. The general rule of thumb is that documentaries are designed to inform and, by their very nature, document a s...