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London Boulevard

Romance and violence blossom in this gangster come love story. When William Monahan won his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Departed he firmly cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most in demand screenwriters. Oft...

Hangover 2, The

The Wolfpack is back! And his time they’re tearing up Bangkok! And they have a monkey! But…do you actually (big groan) give a monkey’s?


Holy Rollers

Jesse Eisenberg’s star continues to rise, thanks to first-time feature director Kevin Asch’s low-key thriller, Holy Rollers, the fact-based story of Sam Gold

Legacy: Black Ops

The psychological ramifications of war make for engaging and thought-provoking viewing when done properly (Born On The Fourth Of July, The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now all feature characters with PTSD symptoms). Legacy attemp...


Dobermann DVD

Look beyond the timing though and there’s plenty to savour in this late nineties French actioner.


De Niro And Norton go head to head in a psychological thriller.



Possibly the most outrageous concept and execution of a film in living memory. The opening to Rubber is a theory in ‘No Reason’. What it boils down to is in cinema things happen and ‘are’ for no reason.


How important is it to be aware of your parentage and heritage? In many multi-cultural societies, mixed up of East and West, children are unaware of their parent’s very different childhoods and the actual relevance it has on th...


Archipelago DVD Review

By Jamie Steiner Given the annual deluge of releases, discovering a genuinely exciting and innovative filmmaker is all too rare an occurrence in the cinema but, when it happens, it is always nothing less than thrilling. When a ...


It’s probably easiest to file this particular Sam Worthington oddity under Neighbours Nights if such a show were ever to be made, following the uneven path of Baywatch into late-night drama. Mixing humour, gangster thrill...