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Most people, when they think of Edinburgh, they think of the Castle; dark and brooding, glowering down at the city from atop a volcanic plug. They think of the Festival; students putting on a show, comics looking for their big ...

Possession DVD

A disturbing and thought-provoking look at the breakdown of a marriage, brilliantly realised with devilish direction. To try and compare Possession to other films would be an act in futility. On the one hand it stands alone, ut...


The Reef

Take the plunge into a truly terrifying shark thriller, which sinks its teeth and never lets go.

Shooting Robert King

A rich portrait of a war photographer who steals your heart as he grows before your eyes.


Rin – Daughters Of Mnemosyne

Violent, gory and sexy, often all at the same time, anime proves that too much is never enough.

Dougal And The Blue Cat DVD/ BR

The trippy styling’s of The Magic Roundabout get a feature film that manages to be both delightfully funny and creepy at the same time.


Carlos DVD/Blu-ray Review

A sprawling epic that, thanks to a stunning performance, paints a fascinating portrait of an infamous terrorist. Charting the career of a true-life criminal or revolutionary, depending on your viewpoint, seems to be the current...

The Exorcist BR

Still the most terrifying horror film of all time spews itself onto Blu-Ray to nightmare inducing effect.


Loose Cannons

When the family pivotal to the narrative of this picture sit down for breakfast, all, as is usually the case, is not what it seems. Looks sneak from the corners of eyes, lips purse and asses shift in seats. These beautiful peop...


****WARNING – may contain spoilers**** Stuffed to bursting with frank, explicit sex scenes which will get Daily Mail readers a bit hot under the collar and bore to tears anyone else who’s over 15, Ashley Horner̵...