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Inside Job

The title of this film makes it sound like a mystery crime thriller, and to a certain extent it is. However, the real mystery is how the subject of the movie has got away with the crime for so long. But this isn’t some Ho...

Henry's Crime

Certain films do beg the question as to how on earth they were greenlit in the first place. Despite the pedigree casting (James Caan, Vera Farmiga) sadly Keanu Reeves’ thespian-cum-bank robber caper is more likely to dete...


Get Low

A well-acted, thoughtful drama about an old geezer who decides to throw a funeral whilst he is still alive and lay his ghosts to rest. Based on a real story that became a massive media event, in 1930s rural Tennessee, Felix Bus...

Choose DVD

Tough decisions can be murder.


Wake Wood

How many times have you watched the good guys defeat Freddy, Jason, Chuckie or Michael Myers only for them to come back to life in the final act? And how many times did Christopher Lee’s Dracula or Peter Cushing’s V...


Usually when things go wrong on holiday, it’s because your flight was cancelled or the luxurious five-star resort you were promised in the brochure turns out to be a building site. Travellers sees four friends confronting...


Why Did I Get Married Too?

Tyler Perry certainly knows his audience – generally female, black and the pink pound market – and he is riding high on it. Forget about Precious, last year he pulled in more that $400 million worldwide on his own b...

Ballast DVD Review

Set in the bleak expanse of a Mississippi delta township, Ballast follows three individuals thrown together following the death of a family member.


Dinner For Schmucks DVD/Blu-ray

Mad capped shenanigans that are lifted thanks to Steve Carrel’s nutso performance. Based on the 1998 French film Le Diner De Cons, Dinner For Schmucks posses an impressive pedigree of comedic talent. Director Jay Roach is...


If a wee fire breaks out in your home, chances are you’d rush to the sink and start blasting the flames with water. Do that in certain parts of rural America and you’re looking at creating an inferno. Yes folks, tha...