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Dougal And The Blue Cat DVD/ BR

The trippy styling’s of The Magic Roundabout get a feature film that manages to be both delightfully funny and creepy at the same time.

Carlos DVD/Blu-ray Review

A sprawling epic that, thanks to a stunning performance, paints a fascinating portrait of an infamous terrorist. Charting the career of a true-life criminal or revolutionary, depending on your viewpoint, seems to be the current...


The Exorcist BR

Still the most terrifying horror film of all time spews itself onto Blu-Ray to nightmare inducing effect.

Loose Cannons

When the family pivotal to the narrative of this picture sit down for breakfast, all, as is usually the case, is not what it seems. Looks sneak from the corners of eyes, lips purse and asses shift in seats. These beautiful peop...



****WARNING – may contain spoilers**** Stuffed to bursting with frank, explicit sex scenes which will get Daily Mail readers a bit hot under the collar and bore to tears anyone else who’s over 15, Ashley Horner̵...

The Stoning of Soraya M.

The Stoning of Soraya M. is not easy viewing. A film that concludes with a graphic execution that lasts for as long as 20 minutes as we see a woman tortuously stoned to death, some may deem this as somewhat exploitative. After ...


Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

A film that manages to be life affirming while whimsical about death in stunning measures. Uncle Boonmee is a film the likes of which are rarely, if ever, seen. It dispels with preconceptions and manages to transcend the medium...

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Eureka releases the deliciously satirical comedy, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter, out for the first time, on Blu Ray A stab at the fake world of television advertising, the film was produced and directed by Frank Tashlin. What ...



An entertaining look at Star Wars culture with enough heart and references to keep you smiling throughout.


David Fincher’s masterful crime thriller proves that to create true terror, less is always more.