The Oath DVD

In DVD/Blu-ray, O by Emily Williams

The story of two men who meet in Yemen in the mid-1990s and join Al Qaida, only to end up taking very different paths in life, Laura Poitras’s The Oath …

Never Let Me Go

In DVD/Blu-ray, N by Chris Patmore

Why are writers and filmmakers so afraid of calling their work science fiction? Or is it the marketing companies and not the creators? Either way, there is a perception that …

Yogi Bear

In DVD/Blu-ray by Marcia Degia - Publisher

It was only a matter of time that another classic family cartoon fell by the computer animated way side. It happened to The Chipmunks, it happened Garfield, it happened to …

The Roommate

In DVD/Blu-ray, R by FilmJuice

By Jamie Steiner. The proverbial ‘single white female’ surely counts as one of modern cinema’s most exhausted clichés

Passenger Side

In DVD/Blu-ray, P by Beth Webb - Events Editor

When the words “Thinking man’s Judd Apatow” are used to describe Canadian road film Passenger Side it’s hard not to think of a front of witty dick jokes punctuated heartfelt, …

Alien Vs. Ninja DVD

In A, DVD/Blu-ray by Dan Clay

Despite the title’s promise, it’s not that Alien this intrepid bunch of Ninjas are fighting in Seiji Chiba’s low-budget but surprisingly fun take on the whole Alien/Predator genre which hints …

Amer DVD

In A, DVD/Blu-ray by Alex Moss Editor

A Dario Argento inspired horror expression that stuns with its visuals and disturbs with its subtext. Amer is not your normal slasher horror film. It bares little in common with …

Late Mizoguchi: Eight Films

In DVD/Blu-ray, L by Marcia Degia - Publisher

Kenji Mizoguchi, the visionary Japanese director is admired and even revered by almost all that have seen his films; the great French critic Jean Douchet, for example, said of Mizoguchi’s …


In DVD/Blu-ray, G by Alex Moss Editor

Obviously wearing its Texas Chainsaw Massacre influence on its sleeve, Gregory Mandry’s Gnaw is sure to put anyone off renting a cosy cottage in the countryside for a while; that …