Hunter Prey

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Alex Moss Editor

A fun, if underdeveloped, Sci-fi that will appeal endlessly to fans of the genre but leave others a little short changed

Back To The Future

In B, DVD/Blu-ray by Marcia Degia - Publisher

There isn’t much about Back To The Future that you don’t already know. And what you know is the stuff of cult legend. The rerelease of one of the most …

El Bola DVD/ BR

In DVD/Blu-ray, E by Marcia Degia - Publisher

A horrifically brutal and accurate potrayal of child abuse, Acero Manas’ El Bola is much deserved of its five Goya (Spanish Oscars) awards. Child abuse is a difficult subject matter …

Hunter, The

In DVD/Blu-ray, H by Marcia Degia - Publisher

Directors who star in their own movies can be a curse. Hitchcock avoided that with a clever, quick cameo in each; Eastwood’s powerful presence acts as a strength rather than …


In DVD/Blu-ray, L by FilmJuice

Hailed as a masterpiece at the time of its release, Jacques Demy’s Lola (1961) represents French New Wave at its best, a bittersweet tale the lost opportunities of youth. Actually, …

Last Exorcism, The

In DVD/Blu-ray, L by David Watson

Ever since a pubescent Linda Blair puked cold pea soup and did unmentionable things to a crucifix in her head-spinning turn as Regan in William Friedkin’sThe Exorcist, the Devil and …


In DVD/Blu-ray, S by Chris Patmore

Review may contain spoilers. With the world’s two biggest secret agent franchises both taking a hiatus, and Jack Ryan in retirement, could Salt, helmed by Patriot Games director Philip Noyce, …

Love Life

In DVD/Blu-ray, L by Alex Moss Editor

There is always going to be a sticky end when a wife gives permission to her handsome husband to play the field, as long as he came home at night. …

Going The Distance

In DVD/Blu-ray, G by Marcia Degia - Publisher

Anyone who’s ever been part of the long distance relationship thing will know what it’s like; waiting weeks to see your loved one only for those few moments to be …

Wah Do Dem

In DVD/Blu-ray, W by Marcia Degia - Publisher

A subtle and personal voyage of discovery that is a perfect example of indie filmmaking. Wah Do Dem is a film that came about almost by chance. Co-Director Ben Chace …