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Switch, The

A rom-com that adheres to the genre but is lifted by an on form Jason Bateman. While romantic comedies never go out of fashion they do go through fads. The current one seems to be that of the sperm donor and or surrogate, clear...

Two In A Wave

Two In A Wave, a French documentary that does not quite have the punch as the subject matter might suggest. Director Emmanuel Laurent and scriptwriter Antoine de Baecque focus on two of the most well-known filmmakers of French ...



A beautifully shot and acted ode to the bond of a father and son.   Alamar, which translates “To The Sea”, is a rare thing of wonder, in the current climate of cinema. It has little-to-no plot to speak of, but it is one of...


A modern-day Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Catherine Corsini’s Leaving (Patir) stars the mesmerizing Kirstin Scott Thomas in the French love triangle tale, out now on DVD. Bored-housewife and builder fantasies usually co...


London River

Franco-Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb’s London River is the compelling drama that stars Brenda Blethyn and Sotigui Kouyate as two parents in search of their missing children in London after the 7/7 terrorist attack. A start...


This creepy low-budget British movie has been lauded at various horror festivals but the slasher angle is actually a red herring. The really scary thing here is the portrayal of a rotting, bleak, desperate, drug and alcohol-rui...