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Two In A Wave

Two In A Wave, a French documentary that does not quite have the punch as the subject matter might suggest. Director Emmanuel Laurent and scriptwriter Antoine de Baecque focus on two of the most well-known filmmakers of French ...


A beautifully shot and acted ode to the bond of a father and son.   Alamar, which translates “To The Sea”, is a rare thing of wonder, in the current climate of cinema. It has little-to-no plot to speak of, but it is one of...



A modern-day Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Catherine Corsini’s Leaving (Patir) stars the mesmerizing Kirstin Scott Thomas in the French love triangle tale, out now on DVD. Bored-housewife and builder fantasies usually co...

London River

Franco-Algerian director Rachid Bouchareb’s London River is the compelling drama that stars Brenda Blethyn and Sotigui Kouyate as two parents in search of their missing children in London after the 7/7 terrorist attack. A start...



This creepy low-budget British movie has been lauded at various horror festivals but the slasher angle is actually a red herring. The really scary thing here is the portrayal of a rotting, bleak, desperate, drug and alcohol-rui...