Today: July 20, 2024

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Monolith is a film that delights and surprises in equal measure. This low-fi, slow burn thriller is part science fiction, part social commentary, with just the right amount of bumps and jumps
February 25, 2024

Head Count

That the Burghart Brothers know how to make a fun film is apparent five minutes into Head Count. The fact that they’ve been able to produce such a deliciously slick, dark comedy,
February 19, 2024

Memory (2023)

Memory is an exquisite American drama in the tender embrace of Michel Franco’s cinematic prowess.
February 16, 2024

American Star

There’s two variations of the hitman subgenre, and both have been feeling pretty stale for a while. Whether it’s the guns-blazing all-out-action of a film like John Wick or the more meditative
February 16, 2024

Blue Giant

For the last two weeks, I’ve been struggling to review a film that’s so incredible, it’s left me speechless. Blue Giant is touted as an anime but I guarantee it’s not like
January 30, 2024
The Settlers

The Settlers

Moving away from the conventional ‘white saviour’ narrative typical in historical dramas, The Settlers makes its UK debut on February 9, 2023, offering a stark and unapologetic glimpse into a tumultuous chapter
January 7, 2024

There’s Something in the Barn

I love Christmas, but if there’s one thing I tire of, it’s the parade of schmaltzy festive flicks that fill our screens every year. Whether it be some royalty-based romance from Hallmark
December 1, 2023


Ever the controversialist, filmmaker Ridley Scott has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way on his press tour for Napoleon. Whether it’s insulting the French or telling historians to “get a
November 25, 2023


David Hare’s iconic Skylight is one of the NT Live’s most watched titles. Recorded back in Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End in 2014, when it was originally broadcast, it was seen
November 17, 2023

Seaside Special

Looking at Rotten Tomatoes’ ranking of 2023’s best releases, it isn’t until #71 that you get to a film with a score lower than 90%. Yes, this has been an incredible year
November 9, 2023
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