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Green Street 3: Never Back Down

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FilmJuice Competition: To celebrate the release of Green Street 3: Never Back Down we've got THREE DVD copies to Give Away!
For your chance to win, simply answer this question (entry details at the bottom of page): Green Street 3: Never Back Down director James Nunn also directed which hit Brit Flick?
Answer A: Get Carter
Answer B: Tower Block
Answer C: The Business
Competition Deadline: 17th November 2013



Posted October 18, 2013 by

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Scott Adkins (Expendables 2), Jack Doolan (Cockneys vs Zombies) and Joey Ansah (Bourne Ultimatum) fight for revenge in the third installment of the original British hooligan franchise GREEN STREET. 

GREEN STREET 3: NEVER BACK DOWN is released on Blu-ray and DVD 21st October 2013. 

Danny Harvey (Scott Adkins) has spent all of his life fighting – in the playground, on the football pitch and then heading up the West Ham firm the Green Street Elite (GSE).

Fourteen years ago, Danny turned his back on football violence, but Danny’s younger brother Joey (Billy Cook), also a skilled fighter, couldn’t turn his back on the GSE.

When Joey is killed in an organised fight against a rival firm, Danny is desperate to seek revenge and avenge his brother’s death. Danny returns to his old manor and knows the only way of finding out who killed Joey is to return to his past and get back into the firm.

Green Street 3: Never Back Down is an action packed, violent and gritty instalment of the cult British hooligan franchise Green Street. Green Street 3: Never Back Down is written by Ronnie Thompson (Screwed, I am Soldier) and directed by James Nunn (Tower Block) and produced by James Harris and Mark Lane under production banner The Tea Shop & Film Company alongside Lionsgate UK.




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