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FilmJuice Competition: To celebrate the release of Leverage: The Complete Season 5 we've got THREE DVD copies to Give Away!
For your chance to win, simply answer this question (entry details at the bottom of page): Which Scream star appears in Leverage: The Complete Season 5?
Answer A: Neve Campbell
Answer B: Courtney Cox
Answer C: Matthew Lillard
Competition Deadline: 9th May 2014



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Send your entry to with the answer in the subject line of your email. Include full contact details. Good Luck!




Join TV’s most talented master thieves as they jump on board the final roller coaster ride of complex heists and high-stakes action in
LEVERAGE: THE COMPLETE SEASON FIVE – released on DVD on 14 April 2014 from Icon Home Entertainment.

The final season of this much-loved TV hit follows former insurance agency investigator Nathan Ford (Academy Award® winner Timothy Hutton) and his team of highly skilled, tech-savvy grafters in this latest instalment, which continues the edgy drama of highly successful previous seasons of the show.

Season 5 features powerful cameos from guest stars including; Cary Elwes (Liar Liar, The Princess Bride), Matthew Lillard (The Bridge, Scream),Treat Williams (127 Hours, Once Upon a Time in America), Neil Hopkins (Skyline, Detour), Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket, Chuck) and Fred Ward (The Player, Escape From Alcatraz).

In this grand finale the team of former top-criminals have relocated to new headquarters in Portland, Oregon and are embarking on some of their biggest ‘unorthodox’ cases to date. This final chapter of the show explores the trust among each of the members, and a new optimism in Nate as he looks in to the future instead of the past.

In their first case, the team take on a global aviation executive who they are lead to believe can steal the Spruce Goose (The (Very) Big Bird Job). Throughout this series, the team also enter the hard-hitting world of professional hockey to protect a team from its owner (The Blue Line Job), take on the culinary world (The French Connection Job), and pull off the toughest con imaginable (The White Rabbit Job).

It’s time to take things to the next level. This 4-disc DVD set of LEVERAGE: The Complete Season Five makes the perfect end to the much-loved show and includes 18 exciting episodes and special features including deleted scenes and a gag reel.




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