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Love Me Till Monday

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FilmJuice Competition: To celebrate the release of adorable Love Me Till Monday we've got THREE DVD copies to Give Away!
For your chance to win, simply answer this question (entry details at the bottom of page): Who directs Love Me Till Monday?
Answer A: Justin Hardy
Answer B: The Hardy Boys
Answer C: Tom Hardy
Competition Deadline: 25th October 2014



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Nominated for the Best British Newcomer Award at The London Film Festival, ‘Love me till Monday’ boasts a cast of fresh talent, led by Georgia Maguire, an English girl trying to find love between the office and her home life. ‘Love me till Monday’ will be available on DVD from 29 September.

The film looks at how a generation of twenty-somethings go in search of love. They don’t ‘date’, or ‘grab a coffee’, or walk romantically along the Seine in perfectly cut trench coats. They don’t hold tight to a handsome man on the back of a Vespa. They dance ironically in circles, drink far too much and snog a friend. They eat cheesy chips or cold quiche at 3am. It is a film that lies somewhere between Downton and TOWIE, between The City and the countryside, between ASBO and PhD. ‘Love me till Monday’ is a story about a 25 year old middle-middle class English girl and everything she wants and deserves.

Written and created by Justin Hardy, Muireann Price and Jack Fishburn, ‘Love me till Monday’ stars Georgia Maguire, Tim Plester and Royce Pierreson and is directed by Justin Hardy. Price, Fishburn and Hardy are collaborating again for their second feature, ‘The Greatest Englishman’, which tells the story of the first person ever to swim the English Channel. ‘The Greatest Englishman’ has just finished shooting and stars Warren Brown.

A film for the funny, ugly and slightly magical English, ‘Love me till Monday’ will appeal to anyone looking for a breath of fresh air and spontaneity amidst a summer of Blockbusters.




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