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D-Day 80th Anniversary

In just a couple of weeks, the world will observe the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the unprecedented allied invasion of the beaches of Normandy on 6th June 1944. It’s impossible to imagine how different the world would be today if not for the selflessness and courage of those who took part in that historic battle. The story of D-Day will not be unfamiliar to anyone, but it is crucial that we regularly refresh our memories and remind ourselves what happened on that fateful day. A new documentary – D-Day 80th Anniversary – aims to chronicle this monumental event in our history.

There’s very little that can be said about D-Day that hasn’t been told a hundred times. Whether you’re a WWII buff or your knowledge starts and ends with Saving Private Ryan’s explosive opening scenes, you probably already have at least a fairly solid understanding of what went down. But this film isn’t trying to tell you anything you don’t know, rather opting for a brief (63 minute) overview of D-Day and how it has become rightly recognised as a defining moment in history.

The film is more-or-less entirely made with archive footage, which is always fascinating and humbling to see. Talking head interviews from experts, historians, and survivors – in varying quality, much like the rest of the film’s footage – offer valuable insight into all aspects of the day, looking into everything from the planning and strategy through to the day’s greater impact on the war in general. 

D-Day 80th Anniversary is basic in structure and delivery, but the enormity of its story remains as impactful as ever. This short watch should be required viewing for all, to remind us of the bravery of the heroes that gave their today for our tomorrow.

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