Dinosaurs: The Final Day

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

Going back further than any of his more celebrated programmes like Planet Earth and Blue Planet, this prehistoric one-off from David Attenborough takes us back to the final day of the dinosaurs with incredible, fresh detail and insight. 

Presented very straight-forwardly like a cosy classroom VHS, this charmingly informative and educational film is surprisingly poignant as it takes us right back to the end of this beloved reptiles. Attenborough teams up with paleontologist Robert DePalma to unearth, through an incredible array of discovered fossils in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota, some fascinating new insight and the result is a genuinely thrilling and engrossing doc that really feels like it has something new to say. 

While the CGI reconstructions throughout aren’t exactly Jurassic Park levels of mesmerising, they’re enough to bring these compelling tales to life as Attenborough lends his wonderful voice as ever, while a supporting cast of paleontologists with palpable passion certainly offer an infectious level of excitement to proceedings. Don’t be expecting the usual breathtaking visuals to be expected from a BBC nature doc, as apparently dinosaurs don’t exist anymore so the Planet Earth team couldn’t film them in their usual way. But everyone knows Jurassic Park is a documentary and it’s all a conspiracy. Dinosaurs are out there, folks…I wish. 

There isn’t a great deal more to say about Dinosaurs: The Final Day really, as it is exactly what it says on the tin. Another pleasant nature doc from living legend David Attenborough, this time taking us right back to prehistoric times for the final word on the dino’s extinction event.