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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

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Posted October 21, 2019 by

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Arguably DC have some of comic-book-land’s most iconic characters. Yet since Marvel began its Infinity Gauntlet arc they’ve struggled to win big screen success. On the small screen they do much better, with shows like Gotham, Doom Patrol, and the hugely successful Arrow-verse outings earning them a loyal fanbase. DC’s animated universe has done equally well, with 36 films to-date, which have consistently proved themselves to be more interesting, challenging and  daring then DC’s live action offerings. 

Sadly when it comes to Wonder Woman, DC simply don’t seem to know what to do. This is a character with so much wasted potential—and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is another missed opportunity. She may be an Amazonian Princess, but Diana Prince seems destined to be stuck in a world where she needs a man to spur onto to action and nurturing storylines to prove that, although she’s a super, she’s still a flesh and blood woman. 

The cast do well with Rosario Dawson—now enjoying her sixth outing as Wonder Woman—making a charming and believable hero. Sadly the rambling storyline fails to deliver either drama or surprises and those who were hoping for a Wonder Woman with grit and agency will be sorely disappointed. 

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