Elysium 4K Blu-ray Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

Elysium, filmmaker Neill Blomkamp’s follow-up to his acclaimed modern classic District 9, more than makes up for its narrative shortcomings with its thrilling action set-pieces and stunning visuals, now given new life on 4K UHD thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Offering a reference-quality viewing experience, Elysium is a must-own on the 4K format. You can read our review on the film here, and enter to win a copy for yourself on our competitions page!

We took a closer look at the new release.



Exoskeletons, Explosions and the Action Choreography of Elysium

The Hero, The Psychopath and the Characters of Elysium

The Art of the Elysium Miniatures

Bugatti 2154

Theatrical Trailers


Collaboration: Crafting the Performances in Elysium

Engineering Utopia: Creating a Society in the Sky

Extended Scene

Visions of 2154 – An Interactive Exploration of the Art and Design of Elysium

In Support of the Story: The Visual Effects of Elysium

The Technology of 2154

The Journey to Elysium

Envisioning Elysium

Capturing Elysium

Enhancing Elysium

ELYSIUM has a runtime of 1hr and 49mins, and is rated 15

Available now from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment