Event Horizon 4K

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Paramount have given cult sci-fi horror Event Horizon the 4K treatment in a lavish Collector’s Edition. The doomed film was rushed to release back in 1997 in an effort to beat James Cameron’s then-delayed Titanic to the big screen, resulting in something of a botch job with Paul W. S. Anderson’s original 130-minute cut torn apart and, sadly, now lost forever. On release, Event Horizon underperformed financially and critically, but has slowly built a cult following – as is evident in this beautiful release that celebrates the film’s difficult legacy.

Event Horizon is certainly by no means a perfect film, and the glimmers of potential are felt throughout even without knowing a longer cut exists – any discerning viewer can just tell that this is incomplete. With almost 40 minutes lopped off Anderson’s original vision, there is a lot missing that would surely strengthen the film’s atmosphere and narrative. But the film is full of good ideas, and although they may not be fully developed, they still make a film that remains genuinely exciting and full to the brim of sci-fi terror. The scares still land and the practical effects – largely in the grotesque body horror make-up – are horrifying, even 25 years on. The same cannot be said for the computer-aided VFX which is looking pretty dated, but that comes with the territory. The film’s aesthetic – particularly in the set design – still feels like a journey into an intergalactic hell.

The film looks spectacular and organic in the 4K format, utilizing the original negative 4K scan that was undertaken last year. The film’s 35mm visuals look rock solid and the aforementioned practical effects still hold up considerably well even with the added resolution. HDR input from Dolby Vision and HDR 10 offer up a far darker image than previous discs, but one that feels far more authentic and in keeping with its frightening content. It looks sublime, and fans of the film will feel as though they’re seeing it for the first time all over again. 

With a cracking performance from the ever-reliable Sam Neill in his 90s prime, Event Horizon offers good old-fashioned sci-fi frights and still packs a punch at 25.

Event Horizon is available on 4K Ultra HD™ now

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