Expendables Reunite: Cast Chat

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As The Expendables 3 is released on DVD this week, FilmJuice chatted to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren about just what it was like getting the old crew back together again …

Can you tell us a little bit about the latest installment of The Expendables?
Arnie: “This is the ultimate action film …But it also has a great emotional rollercoaster ride with interesting characters. Sly [Stallone] really knows how to tell a story and how to use each actor’s talents in the best possible way.”

How did it work, working with even more big names than ever before?
Terry: “We have Rocky, The Terminator, Indiana Jones, The Transporter, Mad Max, Desperado and Blade! It’s Stallone’s version of The Avengers. It’s the biggest roster of action screen icons ever assembled, and these guys depend on brute strength, brains and determination to get the job done.”

Arnie: “There was no fighting about who had more lines or more close ups. It’s really an ensemble piece that allows everyone to shine. We all have our own talents and to bring them all together was fantastic. There was a little bit of competition maybe, because everyone wanted to do their best and I think that was really good for the film.”

Tell us about Sylvester Stallone’s talent for creating these larger than life characters.
Jason: “He creates real characters with soul and heart. Superheroes in capes are great, but Sly writes about real heroes. He’s played a hero for his whole career. No one does it better”

Dolph: “Stallone has a knack for knowing what audiences like. He’s created a group of different, accessible and colorful characters that you can feel for. Adding all these new names brings another layer to it. When I am playing a scene with Wesley Snipes or Harrison Ford, I am going to work a little harder.”

Dolph, can you reveal if you guys do these stunts yourselves?
Dolph: “We really can do this stuff! I was a karate champion. Jason was an Olympic diver. Stallone has done a lot of training. Arnold, of course, was Mr. Universe. Terry Crews played pro-football. We got the MMA champ, Randy Couture, not to mention the new people. We have a lot of people with real skills. When Terry picks up a hundred-pound Gatling gun with one hand, that’s him doing it and I think that adds a certain reality to the whole experience.”

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