[FEATURES] The Batman hmv Exclusive 4K Steelbook Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

The Batman is an unmissable cinematic experience that will almost certainly go down as one of the finest caped crusader adaptations. With its incredible visuals, layered performances and compelling narrative, the masterful superhero epic deserves all the accolades heaped upon it.

hmv have released a stunning 4K UHD Deluxe Steelbook edition of the film. This is a truly luxurious release that the unforgettable film warrants.

We took a closer look…

Regarding the 4K disc, we said in our review…

With a native 2160p encode aided by HDR10/Dolby Vision enhancement, The Batman’s world of shadows and darkness are even more immersive here – pulling us into the rain-drenched Gotham City and allowing us to feel every bit of dirt and grime. This isn’t a film that looks particularly pretty – it doesn’t have the 4K wow factor of a more ‘showy’ blockbuster Godzilla vs Kong. But the film’s distinctively dark and gritty style is captured faithfully on the 4K format, giving viewers the definitive presentation of the film. There really is no other way to watch it. A powerful Dolby Atmos audio track compliments these impeccable visuals, allowing every punch to be felt, while a shotgun blast in the film’s final act is particularly memorable. The 4K disc is an absolute feast for eyes and ears alike. A generously-loaded bonus Blu-ray disc of supplemental features rounds out the package, boasting a large selection of short featurettes alongside 54-minute doc Vengeance in the Making.

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