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Five Stars For Christopher Nolan Book


Posted September 15, 2022 by


How did Christopher Nolan become one of the world’s leading directors?
Is he the new Stanley Kubrick?
What do audiences enjoy most about his work?

With his upcoming 2023 film, Oppenheimer, now in post-production Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker delves into the life and works of one of modern films’ most celebrated, successful, and intriguing directors.

Whether he is tackling Victorian London, or the dark recesses of deep space, visually, Nolan offers a breathtaking blend of steely science-fiction noir enlivened by big name stars and a magician’s flourishes. In narrative terms, his films frequently feature his trademark twists and turns, provoking and puzzling audiences, and often posing as many questions as they answer.

Ian Nathan’s new book, Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker and his Work, cracks open the puzzle-box of Nolan’s signature style, looking at the making of and the inspiration behind his many hit films.

With features on The Prestige (2006), Nolan’s hugely successful Batman sequence, through to mind-bending science fiction works such as Inception (2014) and Tenet (2020), Nathan’s thorough research and deftly-handled text offers an insightful view into the mind of one of the 21st Century’s most brilliant directors.

Filled with fascinating information, surprising revelations, and illustrated throughout with scenes from Nolan’s stunning oeuvre, Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker is a both a delight to read and a joy to flick-through.

Presented in a hardback slip-case, with an eight-page centre gatefold chronology, this 178 page volume is beautifully designed and perfect for the coming gift-giving season.

Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker by Ian Nathan is published on 4th October, from White Lion Publishing (ISBN 9780711277120), priced at £28, hardback.

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