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Hottest Literary Action Heroes


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To celebrate the home entertainment release of Insurgent, the second instalment of the Divergent series based around the hugely successful books by Veronica Roth we look at the handsome hunks, who get us all hot under the collar in these modern literary classics.

FOUR (Divergent Series)
Phwoar, Four just has it all; looks, brains, bravery – a heart. He acts all brooding and tough but we all know he would do just about anything for Tris. Whether he’s beating up bad guys to save her life or declaring his undying love for her, “You are worth it, you’re worth it to me,” you couldn’t really ask for a better boyfriend. Lucky Tris! Played by the gorgeous Theo James, viewers are treated to a sizzling scene where Four takes his top off to show Tris his tattoos. Again, lucky Tris.

Jacob Black (Twilight series)
It’s possibly a little controversial to put Jacob before Edward (depending which Team you’re on) but frankly Theo James, couldn’t be followed by anyone other than Taylor Lautner. Lucky Bella Swan has two sexy guys willing to duke it out over her but in the end she turns down those delectable abs. Jacob Black is the Native American part werewolf who pines for Bella’s character throughout the whole series before imprinting on her daughter in the final installation.

Edward Cullen (Twilight series)
Now something special for those Team Edward fans…You know that there’s something special about a literary character when they inspire such devotion from their fans. From saucy fan art to saying “I do” to a cardboard cut out, these fans will do anything to prove their dedication. The mysterious Edward becomes obsessed with Bella, even breaking into her room whilst she sleeps. But Bella’s bond with Edward is just as strong and she soon realises she can’t stay away from him – even if he is a VAMPIRE.

PEETA MELLARK (The Hunger Games)
As Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games series, Josh Hutcherson has perfected the ‘blue steel.’ With his pout and serious glances, we’re surprised Katniss hasn’t instantly fallen for this stoic hunk. Peeta enters The Hunger Games arena and saves her life by camouflaging her after she was stung by a swarm of Trackerjackers. He even offers to eat poison berries at the end to save Katniss and allow her to be crowned The Hunger Games victor. Anyone who’s willing to lay down his life for his love is a hero in our books.

Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games)
Gale is the second Hunger Games hunk on our list, unlike preppy Peeta, Gale’s a bit rough around the edges. He spends his days working down in the coal mines (we imagine shirtless) and his evenings hunting for food for his family. Although his poaching did eventually get him in trouble and he was forced to endure a public whipping, it does mean we got to see him with his top off – which is always nice.

PRINCE CASPIAN (The Chronicles Of Narnia)
This dreamy fictional Prince is banished from his home by his evil uncle and runs into the four Pevensie children. Together they form an army to stop his evil uncle and help Prince Caspian take back the throne. You will never see anyone wield a sword in such a sexy way as Ben Barnes in these fantasy films. I hope you’re ready to swoon.

Insurgent is available to download in digital HD on the 21st July and Blu-ray and DVD from 3rd August 2015, courtesy of Entertainment One.




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