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Janet’s Animation Corner: Jurassic Roar


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It’s June. It’s officially June and you know what that means….Hello Jurassic World. Not about animation? Bare with me, I promise I’m leading you down the right path.

Who’s old enough to remember when Jurassic Park first stomped onto screens in 1993? Those huge, beasty looking animals rampaging through the theme park and smashing their way through buildings? I barely am, having only been six. In fact I definitely wasn’t number one in line at the cinema, rejected because of age (*harsh sobbing*) but I do remember the first time I saw it as an older kid. Looking up at the television and thinking that somehow dinosaurs must still exist because nothing pretend in the world had ever looked as real as Spielberg’s creatures. Well fast forward a gazillion years (more like 22) and it seems old Stevie has met his match. Director Colin Trevorrow, armed with 21st Century technology!

Now I’m of course only going by the trailers having not seen Jurassic World yet but it seems like a complete no brainer… Watch immediately. Bang on cinema doors. Get your butt in a chair and be prepared to drool at in amazement (I may be slightly disappointed now if it bombs). The movie boasts of a whole host of impressive faces including Chris Pratt and Judy Greer not to mention the jaw-snapping dinosaurs that just took the Jurassic Park franchise’s CGI to a whole new level.

Looking back into the yesteryear – a few shy years from the magic that was and is Toy Story – the most authentic, real-life type animation Hollywood had to offer probably was Jurassic Park. Winning both BAFTA and Oscar awards for best sound and best special and visual effects demonstrates my point.

Having been spoilt by the likes of Avengers Age Of Ultron and its kind for so long you could almost be forgiven for forgetting that Jurassic Park, it it’s heyday, was something of a revolution. It took the first tentative steps to using CGI animation, committing to it in a way that had never been done before. Of the 14 minutes of dinosaur visual effects used in the movie, a mere four were entirely made using CGI technology. However it only took that brief snippet to set off an extraordinary, ground-breaking movement that spurred off more exciting innovations.

From Casper as the first main character in a movie to be completely CGI’d to the swarms of horrifying, gut-ripping, pincer-gouging creatures scuttling across screens in Starship Troopers, it set a trend. One that would infiltrate 90 per cent (I’m just ball parking here) of the films we watch today. Marvel’s Guardian’s Of The Galaxy – in which Chris Pratt also utterly rocks – is a prime example but even dramas like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button or more humble tear-tricklers like Jennifer Connelly’s eye in Blood Diamond. You name it, it’s probably been CGI enhanced. To the point where without it real movies just don’t seem real enough. Hmm, an interesting notion I seem to have stumbled across. I’ve accidently intrigued myself, so much so that I promise this is a point I shall be revisiting but for now we shall together look forward to the impending release of Jurassic World. Revolutionary? I think not. But it’s sure to roar the socks off us.

Janet Leigh



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