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Kuli-Kala: Breathtaking Anime On Stage



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If Final Fantasy ever produced a rock musical, then the result would be something very much like 30-Delux’s Kuli-Kala: Revenge Of The Samurai. This spectacular, genre-defying production opened last night at Stratford’s Circus Art Centre, making it the first Japanese musical to premier outside of Japan.

Set in the 16th Century in the mysterious Far Eastern country of Zipang, Kuli-Kala tells the story of an enigmatic Samurai and a group of female Ninjas, seeking revenge against the wicked Demon who murdered their families.

With music by Japanese film composer Toshihiko Sahashi (Gundam SEED, The Musical Sailor Moon), spectacular costumes, brilliant multimedia effects and flawless ‘Ta-Te’ swordplay, watching Kuli-Kala is like the best bits of a computer game, complete with slo-mo boss battles and poignant character theme tunes.

These days it’s not unusual to see stage productions borrowing effects from the world of film. But 30-Delux have managed something quite breathtaking. A stage production that blurs the boundaries between film, anime, and computer games.

It’s probably true to say that we in the West are all a little in love with Japan. Kuli-Kala is 90 minutes of pure, joyous, unrestrained entertainment which has just deepend that love. Do not miss this.

Kuli-Kala: Revenge Of The Samurai runs from now until Saturday 28th November at Stratford Circus Art Centre. Tickets prices £10-£25.

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