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Marvel Legends Series Mjolnir Electronic Thor Hammer – Review


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Posted November 17, 2017 by


*WARNING – the following review contains MINOR SPOILERS for Thor Ragnarok* – although in all truth nothing that isn’t in the trailer.

Near the beginning of Thor Ragnarok Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is destroyed by villain Hela. It’s sad moment, one that could mean we never get to see Mjolnir in the Marvel universe again. Okay, that’s probably not true, this is Marvel after all, king of bringing characters (is Mjolnir a character?) back to life. But if you are worried you won’t get to see the hammer again how about OWNING it?

Thanks to the heroes at Marvel Legends now you can.

First thing’s first, this Mjolnir is essentially a toy. Yes, it comes with a fancy stand to display in all it’s glory (see pic below) but first and foremost it feels like it is aimed as something to be played with, not something to gather dust in the corner of a study somewhere.

With this in mind there is a plastic feel to Mjolnir, and some of the detail, especially underneath feels a little rushed. But if you’re looking to go as Thor to a fancy dress party, or even in Cosplay (the level of detail is more than good enough) this is the Mjolnir for you. While it won’t let you fly around, and won’t come return to you – we tried, it just sits there – it certainly makes for great looking accessory to that blonde wig.

Helped by the fact it lights up, and, when the correct words are spoken to it offers up a symbol of Odin this is a fun piece of film and comic merchandise that will have your friends looking a little Hulk like in colour.

For the price you would hope some of the finishing could have been a little better but as a genuine toy to dazzle this is up there with a good old fashioned lightsaber.

Buy HERE from Amazon.

  • 1:1 full scale 19.75-inch premium role play hammer
  • Authentically designed wrist strap and pommel
  • Voice-activated light features reveal the symbol of Odin
  • Premium detailing and finish
  • Includes Mjolnir electronic hammer and instructions – x3 1.5v AA alkaline batteries required (not included)





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