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Michael Reeves Limited Edition Blu-ray Unboxing


Posted April 29, 2022 by


The early death of director Michael Reeves at just 25 robbed the UK of a potential major movie-making talent. Screenbound Pictures’ new ultimate Blu-Ray collection includes both of his iconic works (Witchfinder General and The Sorcerers), along with the first-ever Blu-Ray release of The Castle of the Living Dead, where he was part of the scriptwriting team, networking and learning on-set skills. Completing this stunning collection is the brand new feature-length documentary The Young General, featuring Ian Ogilvy.

We took a look at the wonderful new boxset release form Screenbound Pictures, which acts as a tribute to the young filmmaker’s immortal talent. The incredible films housed within this set serve as a bittersweet reminder of Reeves’ vision for cinema, and leave us to only imagine what he could have gone on to achieve.

The Films of Michael Reeves (Collector’s Limited Edition Blu-ray) is available now from Screenbound Pictures

Also available on Blu-ray from Screenbound Pictures is David Hamilton’s Bilitis, which includes a CD of the acclaimed soundtrack from Francis Lai

Drama based on the novel by Pierre Louys. The film takes place during a young schoolgirl’s summer vacation at the home of a family friend, Melissa (Mona Kristensen). The young girl, Bilitis (Patti D’Arbanville), is shocked when she witnesses her friend and her husband making love, however Melissa encourages Bilitis to discover the aspect of love by seeing a young photographer, Lucas (Bernard Giraudeau). When Lucas tries to make love to Bilitis, she rebuffs him and runs to Melissa, who in comforting Bilitis finds herself responding to her kisses and embraces.

Bilitis is available now from Screenbound Pictures

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