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Prop Store’s Iconic Auction Returns


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This September, fans can make their wildest dreams come true with the chance to buy their very own slice of cinema history.

For the fifth year in a row, ODEON are partnering with Prop Store for what has become the UK’s biggest auction of film and television entertainment memorabilia.

Indiana Jones’ hat, Rick Deckard’s shirt, Blade’s leather jacket, pre-production art, signed scripts, models, masks, and maquettes from Alien, Nightmare Before Christmas, James Bond’s Moonraker, and Lord Of The Rings are just a small selection of items going under the hammer at this month’s auction.

Some of the rarest pieces of film history on offer include Captain America’s distressed army costume from Captain America: The First Avenger (estimated at £40k-60k), Marty McFly’s hover-board from Back To The Future (£30k-£50k) and Harrison Ford’s Han Solo jacket from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which is expected to reach a cool million.

Among some of the more unusual items on offer are Stargate’s Ra mask, Rose’s goodbye letter from Titanic, a set of Wolverine’s bone claws, pieces of kryptonite from the Christopher Reeve Superman series of films, and Elijah Wood’s decaptated head—or at least a model of it— from Sin City.

The least expensive items start at £200. A pair of Olivander’s wand boxes from Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone are estimated at £400.

Those interested can bid online, by phone, or in person. Online pre-bids can be made, as well as absentee bids. However, should you prefer to enjoy the sight of watching fellow aficionados in a bidding frenzy, then the auction will be live-streamed with an interactive webcast allowing fans to track sales.

A free preview exhibition opens to the public on 6th September, giving the chance to view 270 lots from the upcoming auction, ahead of the sale.

The exhibition runs at London’s BFI IMAX Waterloo, from 6th-20th September, from 10 am-9:30pm, every day.

The auction takes place on 20th of September at the BFI IMAX Waterloo.

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