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The Art Of Making Movies: Gus Van Sant


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This October, Laurence King Publishing will be releasing the first book to focus on the creative process of iconic filmmaker Gus Van Sant. Written by Katya Tylevich, The Art Of Making Movies: Gus Van Sant, takes the reader on a tour through the mind of one of cinema’s most imaginative, creative, and daring film-makers. 

Since breaking onto the indie scene with Drugstore Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, Van Sant has been celebrated for his portrayal of marginalised communities, whose stories are usually ignored or straight-washed by mainstream Hollywood. 

Over four decades, Van Sant has achieved what few other directors have managed to do: capturing the imaginations of generations of film-goers, while remaining consistently relevant. From Good Will Hunting to Milk, Van Sant has always stood at the forefront of cinematic storytelling and innovation while immersing himself in the dark and intricate parts of human condition.

The Art of Making Movies: Gus Van Sant is the first book to investigate Van Sant’s creative process and is based on new and exclusive interviews which provide personal insight into the creative mind of the acclaimed director. Running to 288 pages, the book features previously unpublished colour and black and white images that will delight film-fans.

Going beyond his cinematic accomplishments, the book also shows Van Sant as more than ‘just’ a director—showcasing the full-range of his work as an artist, photographer and writer.

Accessible, enlightening and eminently readable, this is a book that will inspire and entertain in equal measure. 

Available at all good bookshops, The Art Of Making Movies: Gus Van Sant by Katya Tylevich (ISBN: 1913947475) by will be available from 21st October, priced £20, hardback.

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