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The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery


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There’s no doubt that return of one of the most iconic and influential global television franchises,  Star Trek: Discovery, has been a total fan-pleaser. Following Star Fleet’s continuing voyages, the series has managed an incredible balancing act. It’s taken Trek in a daring new direction, with an entirely new ship and cast of new characters— but set it all against an ideology and an history that’s enshrined in pop culture.  And maybe that’s part of the reason for Discovery’s success. Because, while the recent films went for a full-on retcon, Discovery embraces and celebrates what we love—and gives us more of it. 

As Titan’s new coffee table book, The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery shows, a lot of what we love is how the show looks. Yes, Discovery benefits from the latest computer-generated SFX, but its heart is pure old school, from the primary-coloured uniforms to the pleasingly familiar ship designs.

The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery offers up 208 pages of big, glossy, Star Trek imagery to drool over. Seriously: if you’re a collector, you may need two copies. One to lovingly manhandle, one for best. 

Naturally, with this sort of celebratory volume, there’s a wealth of behind the scenes material, including interviews and exclusive content from the first two seasons of the show. But what makes this a must-buy is the photography, concept art, and the previously unseen storyboards.

The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery is a visual smorgasbord and whether you read it from cover-to-cover, or flick through while whiling away the hours in lockdown with a little Romulan Ale, there’s plenty here to please all levels of fandom, from the fun to the ‘I didn’t know that!’ What’s more, the release is timed to coincide with the launch of the third season, so you can truly immerse yourself in the sights, personalities, and backstories of this latest incarnation of the Trek verse. 

The Art Of Star Trek: Discovery (ISBN: 9781789092592|) is available to buy from 13th November 2020 in Hardback, RRP £39.99.

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