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The Craft 2-Movie Collection Unboxing


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In 1996, Andrew Fleming’s surprise hit The Craft was released to middling reviews but great financial success. Grossing almost $60 million against a $15 million budget, it seemed inevitable that a sequel would follow – and yet, it took almost 25 years. While this long-awaited sequel, Blumhouse’s The Craft Legacy, is something of an underwhelming follow-up, there’s no denying the immense reputation of the first film as a veritable cult classic. With a loyal fan base who can quote the film back to front, it’s unlikely that Legacy will ever earn the same longevity of the original film. But with critical reception of the first entry only 6% higher than that of the first on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps the divisive sequel will soon earn a legacy of its own.

Fans of the films, however, will be delighted that they can now find a permanent home in your collection together as part of The Craft 2-Movie Collection available on DVD and Blu-ray. Combining both films alongside some great special features, this set is a must-own for anyone who wants to have a spell cast on them by one of the most iconic teen movies of the 1990s.

We took a closer look at the Blu-ray set…

Special Features

The Craft

  • Director’s Commentary on The Craft
  • Conjuring The Craft
  • Behind the Scenes of The Craft
  • Deleted Scenes

The Craft Legacy

  • Franchise Legacy
  • Powerful Story, Magical Director
  • Extended & Alternate Scenes

The Craft 2-Movie Collection is available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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