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Unboxing 101 Films’ July AGFA Releases


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Another month, two more releases in 101 Films’ growing AGFA (American Genre Film Archive) collection – and these could just be two of the best yet. These two films are completely different in almost every way, and yet both perfectly represent what this series is all about. Totally original and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, the two titles – The Curious Dr. Humpp and Treasure of the Ninja – offer low-budget entertainment and beautiful bewilderment in their bizarre premises and dated execution. Whether you’re after a totally bonkers erotic thriller or a passionate shoestring-budget martial arts romp, you’ll be chuffed to bits with these two releases. People say physical media is on its way out. Not when niche, cult films like these get such lavish and passionate Blu-ray releases.


THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP isn’t a movie – it’s a rite of passage. Easily one of the most brainbreaking sensory overloads in exploitation history, the story follows Dr. Humpp and his army of grotesque monsters as they kidnap couples and drain their “blood forces of sex” to keep the doctor eternally young. Directed by the prolific Emilio Vieyra in Argentina, this movie combines artful gothic horror with unhinged sex, comic book pulp, and a talking brain in a jar. Plus a monster who plays the guitar.

Basically, this is what might have happened if Mario Bava collaborated with Doris Wishman after an acid binge. AGFA + Something Weird are thrilled to present a brand new restoration of this iconic sex-horror classic, complete with a new commentary track from filmmaker Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE). Plus LA VENGANZA DEL SEXO, Vieyra’s original “horror” cut of THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP in its original Spanish language with English subtitles.

Special Features

  • Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 35mm internegative
  • Commentary track with filmmaker Frank Henenlotter (director of BASKET CASE)
  • Bonus Movie: LA VENGANZA DEL SEXO – 2K restoration of the original cut of THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP from a 35mm fine grain lab print
  • Brain damaged shorts and trailers from Dr. Humpp’s laboratory
  • Reversible cover artwork


…and the Films of William Lee

Meet your new favorite action hero. Throughout the 1980s, Black filmmaker and martial artist William Lee wrote, produced, directed, and starred in dozens of D.I.Y. action epics — all shot on Super 8 in Ohio and New York City. From TREASURE OF THE NINJA (1987, Lee’s most ambitious and beloved movie) to THE NEW CHINESE CONNECTION (1980, an homage to Bruce Lee — William Lee’s idol), these inclusive and explosive works serve as an inspiration to anyone with a dream, pulse, or appreciation for spinning kicks. AGFA + Bleeding Skull! are elated to bring the best-of-the-best in William Lee’s early filmography to a wider audience for the first time ever, complete with brand new transfers and a revelatory stack of previously unreleased films.

Special Features

  • Bonus movie: DRAGON VS. NINJA (1984), previously unreleased and transferred in 2K from the original Super 8 elements
  • TREASURE OF THE NINJA: New transfer from the original 3/4” master tape
  • TREASURE OF THE NINJA: Commentary track with William Lee and Bleeding Skull’s Annie Choi and Joseph A. Ziemba
  • Short: THE NEW CHINESE CONNECTION (1980), previously unreleased and transferred in 2K from the original Super 8 elements
  • Shorts: the WILLIE JACK series, all previously unreleased and transferred in 2K from the original Super 8 elements
  • Reversible cover artwork

THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP and TREASURE OF THE NINJA are available NOW on Blu-ray from 101 Films


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