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In an era of binge-watching and box-set marathons, you might be forgiven for thinking that event TV, where everyone sits and waits for the next instalment, is a thing of the past. However, this July, Netflix has resurrected event TV for the streaming generation–and it’s every bit as compelling as it used to be. 

Fear Street is a trilogy of films, inspired by the work of RL Stein and linked by a shared plot and re-occuring characters. The tale begins in 1994, in the town of Shadyside—a place seemingly cursed with a history of inexplicable events and random violence. When a group of teenagers discover that the terrifying events that seem to curse their town may all be connected—and that they may be the next targets—it’s a race against time to stop history repeating itself.

Part Two (airing on 9th July) takes place in 1978. The third and final instalment debuts on 16th July, and takes viewers back to where it all began, in 1666.

With the retro-vibes of Stranger Things and knowing nods to period slasher movies, Fear Street is a thrill ride filled with characters you like, and heroes and heroines you’re rooting for. 

The period details aren’t always perfect, but a little flexibility when it comes to historical accuracy isn’t a bad thing, if it means that we get characters that are both diverse and three-dimensional. Kudos too for the strong female leads, and the central lesbian love-story, which is both believable and utterly compelling.

Fear Street feels like a classic in the making and, considering that Stein originally wrote over 150 Fear Street tales, it would be surprising if Netflix didn’t have more of the same in the pipelines. Do be warned, though, that while most of Stein’s books are PG, the films are definitely not—with adult themes, language, and a pretty high gore factor. 

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