Film Vault 001-004 Unboxings

In Features by Samuel Love

In an age of streaming and digital content, many naysayers have cried that physical media is dead. Here comes a new premium collection – the Film Vault – to prove those folk wrong. This lavish, prestige collection’s first four titles are among the finest home media releases I have ever encountered in my many years of covering the sector. I am astounded by the quality and passion on display here.

The first four films selected for the range are Blade Runner, GoodFellas, Scarface, and 1917. Clearly aimed at serious collectors rather than the more casual viewers, these releases carry a hefty price tag at £49.99 a pop – but every penny is earned in the beauty of the sets. The first thing to note is the large size of the sets – at approx. 9” high and 7” wide, the packaging does look quite intimidating on the shelf. A rigid clamshell box is housed within an acetate O-ring which carries the film’s title, number in the series, and other expected info. Removing this O-ring reveals the beautiful newly commissioned key art in all its glory, with a magnetic clasp holding the box closed. Opening it up reveals a wealth of treasures – an envelope containing art cards, posters, replica props (varying from release to release), a CD-sized digipak within a slipcover housing the discs, and an individually numbered crystal display plaque celebrating the film and its iconography. 

I am speechless by the remarkable effort that has gone into these releases. The size, weight, and finish of the packaging just feels like quality and more than earns the premium pricing. The films themselves are of course fantastic (although the recent 1917 certainly struggles to sit alongside Blade Runner, GoodFellas and Scarface – further ‘newer’ films later in the series could make its inclusion less jarring).

Here’s a quick glance at the stunning packaging…

For more information on the stunning Film Vault range, visit this website

Blade Runner, GoodFellas, Scarface, and 1917 are available now