Hard Boiled II Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

Hidden gem The Last Blood – released in the UK as Hard Boiled II despite having no connection to Hard Boiled at all – is a roaring Hong Kong action romp filled with incredible, over-the-top action and bizarre comedy. This Wong Jing classic is an absolute blast and a film that everyone should see at least once. But for those who wish to have it in their collections – and why wouldn’t they, it’s a masterpiece – those good folks at 88 Films have given it a lovely Blu-ray release.

Hard Boiled II: The Last Blood

When a high-ranking Tibetan lama is wounded by terrorists, only a transfusion of his ultra rare blood type can save him. Heroic Hong Kong cops Andy Lau (‘Infernal Affairs’, ‘The Great Wall’) and Alan Tam (‘Armour of God’) must protect the unlikely donor, Eric Tsang (‘Lucky Stars’ series) from the assassins out to kill him. Shot on stunning Singapore locations, ‘The Last Blood’ also features former kung fu icon Leung Kar-yan (‘Warriors Two’). From Hong Kong hitmaker Wong Jing (‘City Hunter’, ‘God of Gamblers’) comes a fast-paced action thriller showcasing three of the genre’s brightest stars.
HARD BOILED II: THE LAST BLOOD is available on Blu-ray now from 88 Films. Full release info here.