Horror Unmasked: A History of Terror from Nosferatu to Nope

In Features by Samuel Love

Spooky season is well and truly upon us. Supermarket shelves are lined with cheap plastic skulls and costumes, the summer sun is hiding away earlier with each passing day, and more and more grisly horror films are making their way into cinemas. But that’s not all. An exciting new book on the horror genre is making its way to bookshelves, and fans of the mad and macabre will be very grateful. 

From Brad Weismann comes Horror Unmasked: A History of Terror from Nosferatu to Nope. This well-packed and comprehensive guide to horror and its many, many subgenres is packed with gloriously gory nuggets of trivia and insight that will have the darkest souls among you beaming with delight. While there’s nothing in here that will come as an enormous surprise to seasoned veterans, this hauntingly beautiful reference book serves as an essential introduction to newcomers and an excellent refresher for those who have gaps to fill in their gnarly knowledge.

Covering everything from classic silent horror through to schlocky B-movies and creature features, slashers, international horror, the supernatural and paranormal, censorship, and many, many more subjects, Horror Unmasked’s chronological structure takes readers on a terrifying journey through over 100 years of cinematic fear. A handy glossary of terms at the end of the book reminds us just how many different types of horror there are, and not one of them is left unexplored across the book’s packed 230 pages. No matter what your poison; be it giallo, found footage, or even hagsploitation, the book will have something to say about its inception and ongoing influence.

Horror Unmasked reminds readers of the incredible legacy of horror and will make a perfect companion during spooky movie nights this October.
Horror Unmasked: A History of Terror from Nosferatu to Nope is available in hardback from becker&mayer! September 5 2023