Iron Man: The Art of the Movie

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This Autumn, Titan will be publishing Iron Man: The Art of the Movie the first of 24 Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga film titles, which are being reissued in a resized matching set. Yup, finally, the entire series will line up neatly on the shelf — and if that isn’t top-level, fan-pleasing, geekdom, I don’t know what is.
This fully illustrated, 208 page tome treats fans to a comprehensive, unique, and privileged behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind the state-of-the-art technology used in the blockbuster motion picture. Follow the film’s complete artistic evolution, from initial concept through to armor design, up to the final rendering as seen on screen.
This volume includes everything you need to know about the making of the movie from all the key players – including director Jon Favreau; the special-effects gurus at Stan Winston Studios; and the award-winning concept illustrators, visual-effects designers and storyboard artists who worked on the set and behind the scenes to create the art of Iron Man.
These 24 volumes are guaranteed to be the highlight of any Marvel fan’s collection – without breaking their budget or their bookshelf.

Iron Man: The Art of the Movie is written by John Rhett Thomas, a Marvel comics expert ,who has written more than fifteen Marvel art books over the last decade. His works include The Marvel Art of Joe Quesada, The Marvel Art of Marko Djurdjevic, The Marvel Art of John Romita Jr., The Art of Spider-Man Classic, and several Marvel Monograph titles.

Iron Man: The Art of the Movie (ISBN 9781803364940 ) is out now in hardback, priced £29.99.

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