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Liam Neeson: Ultimate Action Hero

When thinking of the world’s leading action man, there’s one name which springs straight to mind – Liam Neeson. To celebrate the home entertainment release of his latest action thriller, Run All Night, we take a look at Liam’s biggest and best action thrillers to date. From Non-Stop to Taken and from The A-Team to Run All Night, Liam Neeson is the ultimate action hero – here’s why.

Batman Begins (2005)
Neeson plays Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins. Ra’s Al Ghul was a mentor and trainer to Bruce Wayne, who recruited him into the League of Shadows – a secret society whose stated purpose was to restore balance to the world by enacting purges at various points in history. He wanted Wayne to destroy Gotham City, “If you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can’t stop you, then you become a Legend, Mr Wayne.” In an ironic twist, Batman eventually puts a stop to Ghul’s nefarious scheme using the very same skills Ghul had taught him.
Weapon of Choice: A sword.
Action Hero rating: 4/5.

Taken (2008)
No guide to Neeson’s action hero past would be complete without Taken. Liam Neeson kills a whopping 31 men in this fast-paced, action packed thriller in which he plays Bryan Mills, a retired CIA operative with a “very particular set of skills.” He tears his way through most of Europe, killing anyone who gets in his path to save his daughter who has been ‘taken’ – of course, Bryan promises to find and kill them.
Weapon of Choice: Beretta 92FS.
Action Hero rating: 5/5.

The A Team (2010)
In this 2010 remake of the 1983-1988 TV series classic, a group of Iraqi war veterans set out to clear their name with the U.S. military. The four men, including Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith (Neeson), are framed for stealing the plates to print 100 dollar bills. It will take every ounce of A Team wit, charm, and weapon’s savvy to clear their names. Taking their cue from George Peppard’s original Hannibal, Neeson’s catchphrase is “I love it when a plan comes together.”
Weapon of Choice: Para-Ordnance S14-45 Limited.
Action hero rating: 3/5.

Clash Of The Titans (2010)
Zeus (Neeson), King of the Gods, launches into battle with his brother Hades in this tale of the Greek Gods. When Zeus finally announces, “release the Kraken” – a mythical sea beast – audiences witness a battle of truly epic proportions.  Neeson reaches a death toll of six in this fantasy thriller.
Weapon of Choice: Thunderbolt.
 Action Hero rating: 5/5.

Unknown (2011)
After a serious car accident in Berlin, Dr. Martin Harris awakes to find his world in utter chaos. His wife (January Jones) does not recognise him, another man is using his identity, and mysterious assassins are hunting him. Though his character loses his memory, he still claims, “I didn’t forget everything. I remember how to kill you.”
Weapon of Choice: A glass shard from a mirror.
Action Hero rating: 2/5.

The Grey (2012)
After their plane crashes in Alaska six oil workers, led by Neeson’s skilled huntsman, Ottway, must fight for survival against a pack of merciless wolves who haunt their every step. Ottway is often heard repeating this phrase, “Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.”
Weapon of Choice: A knife.
Action Hero rating: 3/5.

Non-Stop (2014)
Neeson’s Federal Air Marshal, Bill Marks, springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account. It’s up to Neeson to convince the passengers, “I’m not hijacking this plane. I’m trying to save it.”
Weapon of Choice: A drink and a handgun.
Action Hero rating: 2/5.

A Walk Among The Tombstones (2014)
In this dark and intense thriller Neeson declares, “I do favours for people and in return, they give me gifts. So, what can I do for you?” Neeson plays Matt Scudder, formerly part of the NYPD, who now works as an unlicensed private detective. His latest client is a drug trafficker (Dan Stevens) whose wife was kidnapped and brutally murdered. On the rough streets of New York, Neeson notches up his kill count to four in this movie.
Weapon of Choice: A well-timed quip.
Action Hero rating: 4/5.

Run All Night (2015)
Long time hit man Jimmy Conlon (Neeson), best friend of mob boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris), has seen better days. However, when his estranged son (Joel Kinnaman) becomes a mob target, he’s back to his old dynamic ways. Action ensues as Neeson charges through the streets of New York to prevent son, Mickey, winding up dead. With his gun in hand, he threatens, “as long as you’re coming after Michael, I’m coming after you.” Weapon of Choice: A silver six-shooter.
Action Hero rating: 5/5.

RUN ALL NIGHT is available ON DIGITAL HD FROM 27TH JULY AND on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 10th August

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