London’s First Dada Festival

In News, Festivals & Events by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

On June 23 at London’s Cinema Museum, LonDADA becomes the world’s first dedicated Dada festival, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Dadaism. 

The event will feature an animated recital of Hugo Ball’s Karawane by Brian Blessed, live music, theatre, spoken word and of course, film, including Hans Richter’s seminal 1928 short film Ghosts Before Breakfast. Screened on 35mm, a new original score will be performed live by Austrian composer Vinzenz Stergin.

Also screening, for the first time in the UK, is Germany DADA: An Alphabet Of German Dadaism – Helmut Herbst’s rip-roaring 1968 documentary, prefaced by an exclusive video introduction by the director.

Slapstick & Slaughter by Desperate Men, KUNST? by HunkyPunk!, Vaudeville Creepers with Sir Gideon Vein & Elena Van Gotha, poetry from Gabriel Moreno and Amy Neilsen Smith, music from David Goo, Pig With The Face Of A Boy and woodwind quintet Pénte, and a programme of short films by John Smith, Helmut Herbst, Francis Thompson and Bob Georgeson completes the eclectic lineup.

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Tickets are £15 (16+ only).
Doors open at 6pm.
Event begins at 6:30pm.
Venue: The Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road), London SE11 4TH. Web: |