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Malum + Hunt Her Kill Her

In this nostalgia-fuelled cinema landscape we find ourselves in, it’s surprising we don’t see more of the big-screen double-bill. Back in the good old days of cinema, it was very common to consume films in pairs – and if there’s one genre that lends itself well to that approach, it’s horror. While there’s nothing to stop audiences from making their own double-bills of their choosing – hell, I know people who’ve had quadruple bills in the cinema – there’s something far more special about one that has been carefully curated, shining the spotlight on indie under-the-radar gems, ripe for discovery.

Screenbound Pictures has done just that, reviving the double-bill format with a special nationwide one-night-only screening this Friday of two chilling low-budget shockers – Malum and Hunt Her Kill Her.

First up, grisly supernatural shocker Malum sees a rookie cop plagued by paranormal occurrences as she investigates a vicious cult during the last shift at a decommissioned police station. 

And if you make it through that, dessert comes in the form of survival-slasher Hunt Her Kill Her which drops us into the night shift from hell as a lone janitor must fight for her life against sadistic masked intruders.

Both films prey on the universal fear of isolation and lone-working, and work so very well as a double bill as a result. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve been the last to leave the office, and as we’ve switched off the last light, we’ve sworn we’ve seen something in the darkness. These two films take that to the extreme with murderous intruders and monstrous beings, and a whole lot of blood. With both films clocking in at 90 minutes (give or take a few), Malum and Hunt Her Kill Her quickly cut to the chase and hit us with what we’re all here for – the gore. Both films also have kick-ass leading ladies in common, with Jessica Sula (Split) and newcomer Natalie Terrazzino both fighting for survival against the cultists and intruders respectively. 

Yes, both films are unapologetically grisly – Malum in particular earns its 18 BBFC rating while Hunt Her Kill Her pushes the 15 to its limit – and consuming them together in a double-bill setting with a crowd will surely be a blast. These are old-school horrors, feeling very much like a throwback to midnight movies of days-gone-by – both are made with love for the horror genre and for a very specific era of shockers, which this double-bill celebrates. 

Neither of these films are going to reach the same level of critical and academic acclaim as more so-called ‘prestige’ horror films, but that is not their goal. While something like The First Omen could be considered fine dining, Malum and Hunt Her Kill Her are fast food – dirty and delicious, and bad for you in all the right ways. And having both of them in one sitting? Well, that’s a feast.

Malum + Hunt Her Kill Her is a thrilling double-bill that harks back to the glory days of horror, and offers up an unforgettable night at the cinema. 

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